Boyer’s marketing, including its packaging, website, and collateral, all failed to reinforce its greatest equity – high altitude roasting, which burns slower for a more mellow, smoother flavor. Moreover, social media needed to constantly and visually reflect other brand assets, and also communicate the benefits of high-altitude roasting hand-crafted, high quality experience.



We utilized the Rocky Mountains to communicate our place and redesigned the pack to highlight the benefits of high-altitude roasting and 100% Arabica beans. We then translated this work into the website and created a simple OOH campaign to reinforce Boyer’s quality and craftsmanship. All social platforms were redesigned to be consistent, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.



A return to double-digit growth – a first in over 10 years. New distribution in Safeway, HEB, Smiths and Sam’s Clubs. Became the exclusive coffee provider on Frontier Airlines and all 350 Taco John’s restaurants.




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