Why is a Great Website So Important to Your Business?

In a word – performance.

Everyone in business learns at some point that first impressions count. This is something we get early on from our parents, teachers, coaches, professors and friends/family who have come before us. And, though true, it doesn’t always translate into a company’s most fundamental communication tool – its website.

Image is important. What you present to the world has to be excellent and work against every possible stakeholder you can think of: suppliers, trading partners, employees, potential employees and family/friends. Anyone and everyone who is associated with and/or important to your business’ success will look at your website. There’s more …

It shows what you do. Showing what you do and presenting it well is no easy task. The home page should present a simple, visual representation of what it is you do. This requires serious design skill, not to mention superb story-telling ability. Remember, the one thought rule pays, and never, ever clutter the homepage with a laundry list of everything you do. It overwhelms the reader.

Your online sales/marketing. A good website can help to move prospects from casual interest to  active engagement. A great website can help strangers become qualified leads. As such, it is essential that everything works in a carefully orchestrated manner. The site’s performance, from navigation/user experience (UX), the site’s look + feel, the story and information offered, the automated functionality – all the way to the CRM, SEO, links, content, imagery, photography, and so on and so on, has to flow.

Quality and expertise. Your site has to ooze quality and expertise. Photography, headlines, copy, content, video, infographics, product – this is your brand and business’ showcase to the world. It must work hard when you’re not there.

It’s yours. Make it count. The good news is that your website is something under your control. While easier today than ever before, designing and writing an effective website remains shrouded in the dark arts of software engineers and developers. No wonder the task is often put-off and/or relegated to the bottom of the  priority list.

We’re going to go out on a limb and make a bold statement. We are good at this – and have all the requisite strategic skill, story-telling ability, amazing design talent and technical proficiency, in abundance.

Attracting strangers and converting them from casual users into advocates – that’s what we do. Great thinking, writing, design, and creativity combined with the power of inbound – that’s how we do it.